Jeannette Ledesma

Kindergarten-focus Tutor – Four Seasons A+ Elementary

I get a sense of immense pride when the students make gains in the right direction and start to feel confident in the other aspects of their life and schooling.

Jeannette Ledesma, K-3 Literacy Tutor

While volunteering at Four Seasons A+ Elementary, Jeannette was offered the opportunity to serve as a Reading Corps tutor and she jumped in right away. Her service at the school was a true family affair: her mother works there as a Spanish teaching assistant; she served alongside her brother; and she has nieces and a nephew who attend the school. After four years as a Kindergarten-focus tutor, Jeannette has been hired by the school as a teaching assistant and is the Reading Corps Internal Coach.

Jeannette says she loves being able to pass on her own love of reading to so many students over the years. At Four Seasons, she works with many “New to Country” students. Jeannette enjoyed helping them further their education and get to know their new home. She said, “The one-on-one time that we spend with the students helps give them a sense of belonging and importance. They know they are heard and understood.”

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