Jens Jensen

PreK Tutor – Delano

I wake up every morning looking forward to the day, knowing that I’ll be contributing. I am preparing the children for Kindergarten and for their years in school after that. I love what I am doing.

Jens Jensen, PreK Tutor

Jens Jensen, PreK Reading Corps tutor, Wee Tiger Preschool – Delano

After more than 20 years as a band director for grades 5-12, Jens found himself working in a big box store until his daughter, a previous tutor, encouraged him to apply for Reading Corps. Now, he spends his days helping preschoolers get ready for Kindergarten. Using the Reading Corps interventions has made a marked difference, he said. One student began with no knowledge of letter names; with plenty of practice, she’s now meeting the spring target in letter naming. An added bonus of serving in a preschool classroom is that Jens can share his love of music. “I introduced music with the literacy skills,” he said, “having students singing transition songs as I accompany them on the guitar.” Jens has also introduced the students to the trumpet, trombone, and baritone, and helped direct the school music program.

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