LaRae Carlisle

I was surprised by the skills the children need – and can learn! – for Kindergarten.

LaRae Carlisle, Reading Corps Tutor

LaRae Carlisle was finishing a degree in health care when the principal of her children’s school asked if she’d consider service with Reading Corps. LaRae often volunteered there and with new student loans, the education award was especially appealing.

LaRae ended up serving four years as a Reading Corps tutor – three as a PreK literacy tutor and one as a Community Corps Lead. During her second year, her son was a part of her class. Then, when her son was in Kindergarten, LaRae said hearing him read a book aloud made her realize the impact of her work. That intensified her commitment to early childhood education.

She moved across the metro and was thrilled to find a Reading Corps position within Head Start. She had loved the program’s focus on the littlest learners when her older kids were involved and was eager to be a part of it. She’s now continuing to work with Anoka County Community Action Program (ACCAP) where she served.

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