Become a Reading Corps Tutor and Change Lives

Our tutors are trained to change the future

Right now, nearly one in three Minnesota third-graders is failing to reach basic levels of literacy. No child wants to feel behind. Minnesota Reading Corps, the nation’s largest AmeriCorps tutoring program, is changing the lives of thousands of children, and is proven to work. Click to review the NORC study that shows Minnesota Reading Corps' success.

Our tutors are the first to see their students’ progress, smiles, and confidence that they can succeed! As a Reading Corps literacy tutor, you can impact children’s lives by boosting their skills and preparing them for reading successfully by the end of third grade. Regardless of your experience or background, we provide training and coaching so all tutors can see their students succeed.

In return for your service you will receive:

  • An education award to help pay for your own college education *
  • A living allowance paid bi-weekly
  • The opportunity to build your professional skills and network
  • Health care and child care assistance benefits if eligible
  • Many new little friends who look up to you

*Tutors 55 or older may gift the award to a child or grandchild