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Trained to change the future

As a Reading Corps literacy tutor, you’ll have a lasting impact on your students by preparing them to be successful readers for the rest of their lives. Whatever your experience or background, we’ll train and coach you in proven strategies to help your students succeed. The rewards are amazing: You’ll be the first to see your students’ progress, smiles and new confidence.

Our Approach

A Day In the Life

Ready to learn more? Let us take you along for a typical day in the life of a Preschool or K-3 tutor.

Which Opportunity Is Right for You?

PreK Program

As a preschool literacy tutor, you’ll work with a classroom of children ages 3–5 to help develop their early literacy skills and get them ready for Kindergarten. You’ll collaborate with classroom teachers throughout the day and provide an extra boost to groups or individual students who need it.


K-3 Program

As an elementary literacy tutor, you’ll work one-on-one with K–3 students who need help practicing their reading skills. You’ll be trained to use specific tools and monitor progress to ensure that each student is on track to read fluently by the end of third grade.


What You Give

When you join Minnesota Reading Corps, you’ll serve every school day (usually five days a week) and be one of 80,000 Americans who choose to invest in their communities by serving in AmeriCorps each year.

What You’ll Get: Benefits for Tutors

Tuition & Loan Repayment

Tuition & Loan Repayment

Earn an education award to pay tuition or repay student loans. Tutors 55 and older can transfer their awards to their child, grandchild or foster child. Student loan forbearance is also available.

Living Stipend

Living Stipend

To help with your living expenses while you serve, you’ll receive a check every two weeks.

New Skills

New Skills

You’ll build skills such as professionalism and communication, and will gain invaluable experience working in a school setting.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Serve full-time with Minnesota Reading Corps and you're eligible for health insurance with no monthly premiums

Child Care Assistance

Child Care Assistance

Depending on your household income, you may qualify to receive help with child-care costs.

New Friends of All Ages

New Friends of All Ages

Grow your personal and professional networks, get to know your community, and receive hundreds of smiles and high fives.

More Details Apply

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From the Tutors

  • My time with Minnesota Reading Corps has equipped me with the tools, skills, strategies and insight to make leaps and bounds in my quality as an educator and supportive adult. I don't think I've ever felt so consistently fulfilled.

    Victoria Dan, PreK tutor — Minneapolis
  • I am realizing that I am a part of something extremely spectacular. All the smiles I see every day make me realize the importance of my work.  

    Ramla Farah, PreK tutor — Minneapois
  • Minnesota Reading Corps allows me to serve my community, while receiving the necessary experience to start my career.  

    Ayan Omar, K–3 tutor — St. Cloud
  • Minnesota Reading Corps gives me the opportunity for professional development. I have gained valuable work experience, and I get to see what the educational system in my community looks like from the inside.  

    Jessica Haas, K–3 tutor — Minneapolis
  • “I serve to make a difference in the lives of my students and the community in which they live. The one-on-one tutoring helps these kids become confident, fluent readers. That confidence bleeds over to other areas in and out of school. Confidence breeds success!”  

    Guy Havelka, K–3 tutor — Princeton

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Guy Havelka

I serve to make a difference in the lives of my students and the community in which they live. The one-on-one tutoring gives me a chance to help these kids become confident and fluent readers. That confidence bleeds over to other areas in school and outside of school. Confidence breeds success!

Keven Tell

Serving with Reading Corps and Math Corps helped move me to the next level. Today, I’m a sixth grade science teacher at Stanford Middle School in the Minneapolis Public Schools District!

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